What is Kindred Minds Network?

What we do

We connect you – entrepreneurs, artists, and changemakers – with kindred minds.

We create deep and meaningful relationships with folks on a similar entrepreneurial path so that you can find the support that you need to flourish.

Through the use of personal masterminds, large group mastermind networks, and coaching, you will be challenged and will challenge others to be their very best.

These concepts are simple, but the journey is not easy.

Kindred minds don’t have to think alike or even be in the same industry.  The kindred spirit that they must share is a growth mindset, open to new ideas, work hard, and be willing to fail forward.

Masterminds v. Traditional Networking

As a budding entrepreneur, I tried attending networking events, only to leave frustrated. So, I started my first personal mastermind group in 2013. A mastermind group is generally a group of 3-8 people with some sort of shared interest that meets on a regular basis to help support one another in that interest.

A personal mastermind group is like a board of directors. For solopreneurs, or very small businesses, having other entrepreneurs to help tackle day-to-day or big challenges in our business can be sanity saving.

Mastermind groups become intimately acquainted with your businesses. Since members are stable, you start where you left off the week before. Your co-members share in your successes and your low points and become valued members of your business team.

Because this method of keeping my business accountable was so valuable, I decided to try to this structure on a larger scale. Would this method work with strangers? Could I develop a way for introverts to skip the small talk and get to the heart of the matter?

The answer is yes!

Goshen Women’s Mastermind was born.

We planned large networking events of 30-40 women and broke into smaller groups of 5-6 per table, requesting that women sit with people they did not know. We follow a very specific structure at each meeting but because there is a different speaker and different attendees each time, each event is worth attending.

Women left our networking events really knowing several other women. Not just by exchanging business cards but by sharing stories and challenges. Out of these large networking events, smaller, personal masterminds were formed. Women supporting other women on a regular basis…the entrepreneurial scaffold in our community is getting stronger every month!

There is something missing from most entrepreneurial communities, and I believe that a method for building strong, deep and meaningful relationships is one of the missing pieces. We can’t develop strong networks of amazing changemakers by just exchanging pleasantries and business cards, we must connect heart-to-heart and mind-to-mind.

Ah, it’s beautiful and glorious.


Why Work with Jenny?

Jenny is an experienced teacher. She worked 14 years in school settings with students from grade one through twelve and at University of Notre Dame helping researchers make connections in the South Bend Community for community outreach.

In 2013, she started Soapy Gnome as a hobby business which has grown into a career. She now employs five people and is an active participant in the Downtown Goshen Community. She is a great listener, observer, and asker of questions.

She has unique insight and is able to bring together the right people for the right conversations.

Jenny has become the go-to person for masterminds in the South Bend-Elkhart region and she would love to help you start your own mastermind group or help your organization connect on a more meaningful level.

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